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Developer: Sheng-Chung Liu
More details:MobyGames
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Pango will run very fast on DOSBox default settings. Consider lowering the amount of emulated CPU cycles (by pressing Ctrl+F11 or in the DOSBox configuration file) to about 240 for acceptable speed.

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Game description

Pango is a fan remake of console game Pengo with similar playing mechanics. The player controls a green character in a maze, who is chased by yellow blobs (described as bees in the game help). The player cannot attack the "bees" directly, but can kick the blocks that form the maze, which will slide until they hit an obstacle, squashing any bee in its path. The player can also kick the outer walls of the maze, which will stun any bee that is near the wall at the time.

The level must be cleared of all bees in one minute of game time. More bees will spawn from certain maze blocks as the game progresses. The bees can also eat through blocks to reach the player more quickly.

There are five difficulty levels in this game.

Description by MrFlibble

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