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Pharaoh's Tomb

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  • executable: PTOMB1.EXE | PTOMB2.EXE | PTOMB3.EXE | PTOMB4.EXE
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  • 157 kB (0.15 MB)


Apogee Software released this game as freeware in March 2009.

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Game description

Pharaoh's Tomb is an arcade/adventure game set in a huge Egyptian pyramid. You will need to explore 20 uniquely dangerous levels (screens) riddled with puzzles and traps. You start with five lives and a few spears, which can be thrown at offending denizens that patrol the pyramid.

Description by MobyGames


Level skip: Make sure that [Scroll Lock] is on. Then press the plus key (the one beside the numeric keypad) to skip to the next level.

Description by VGTips

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Game video by Ancient DOS Games