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Pizza Worm

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Category: Arcade
Year: 1994
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Rating: ****+

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executable: pworm.exe
208 kB
(0.20 MB)


Pizza Worm runs perfectly in DOSBox, however the SoundBlaster device type must be set as SBPro2, as the game was created before the introduction of the SB16.


  • Image by Zorlim Software
  • Image by Zorlim Software
  • Image by Zorlim Software

Description (by Eric Savage)

Pizza Worm falls into the category of snake-clones - with the difference that you can turn at any angle. The graphics are fairly good and the author has thrown in some amusing sound effects. Your mission is simply to snake around the screen eating up as many pizzas as you can squeeze, except that your tail keeps growing longer so that you have to be very skillful to avoid running over it.



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Pizza Worm



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