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Category: Arcade
Year: 1988
More details: MobyGames
Game added by: MrFlibble
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Press F3 in the main menu to play with the mouse. Default keyboard controls are: J to move paddle left, K to move right, Space bar to launch the ball.


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  • Image by MrFlibble
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Description (by MrFlibble)

PopCorn is considered one of the better Breakout clones for DOS, even though it's pretty old and uses a palette of only four colours. The fast and frantic gameplay, lots of bonuses and powerups, as well as regularly spawning monsters will keep you glued to the screen for the whole 50 levels.

The game also comes with a level editor.

NOTE: The red colour will be displayed as magenta if DOSBox is set to emulate a VGA machine. Switch to CGA in the configuration file to get the correct colour.

If the game plays too fast, make sure to reduce emulated CPU cycles to about 315 in DOSBox, and use the POPSPEED programme to set the speed value to 110.

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