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Ports of Call

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  • executable: POCUS.EXE
  • version 2.02

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Game description

If you ever dreamed of running your own international shipping company, Ports of Call is your thing. Buy ships and charter them on voyages to carry goods across the globe, earn money to expand your fleet and get to the top. Up to four players can compete at the same computer.

The game runs in real time but allows for what would be termed today an active pause, allowing the player to check on their ships, visit the office to do financing (take out a loan, for example), and buy or sell ships from their fleet. A certain action/arcade element is also present as the player can manually steer their ships in and out of a port, which is an optional mini-game in itself, and occasionally this becomes necessary during certain random events like straying off course or running into bad weather. Failing to navigate the ship in time will result in damage, increasing the risk of losing the ship to the sea.

Ports of Call was originally distributed as shareware. The unregistered version allows to play game sessions for one hour. Recently, the game has been re-released as Ports of Call Classic and is available for purchase via Steam.

Description by MrFlibble

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