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Push 'em

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Developer: Georg Rottensteiner
Publisher: Byte Wizard
More details:Official game website
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Push 'em is a tile-matching puzzle game inspired by Taito's Puzznic. The player's objective is to clear the screen of all blocks by pairing two or more with the same image. Blocks can be moved horizontally and will fall down from heights, but cannot be moved up by the player. As such, solving each puzzle requires to carefully manoeuvre the blocks so that they do not get stuck without the possibility of retrieving them. As the game progresses, puzzles involve more and more blocks, combining them in the ever increasingly tricky ways.

Unlike Puzznic or Brix, there is no time limit to solve any puzzle. The game will reward the player with passwords from time to time, allowing to skip portions of already solved puzzles, but otherwise it does not keep track of the player's progress or score.

Push 'em is freeware and comes with a level editor.

Description by MrFlibble

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