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Putty Squad

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Putty Squad is a slightly bizarre, cartoonish platform game about a blue blob that runs around rescuing other blobs (coloured red) in what is apparently a war with anthropomorphic animals, robots and other odd creatures.

Putty can run, jump and stretch itself vertically or horizontally (hold Ctrl and press an arrow key), and also make itself into a puddle (press down) which makes it impervious to enemy attacks, and also allows to pick up items and rescue other blobs. Various powerups add abilities like ranged attack or flying a zeppelin that can drop bombs for a limited time.

The game has a very Amiga-esque look to it and was indeed originally developed for that platform. In fact, the PC/DOS version never came out, and only the demo is available. However, developer System 3 Software eventually made the full Amiga game, which was also unreleased, freeware as a Christmas present in December 2013. A modern HD version of the game is also available commercially.

Description by MrFlibble

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