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Radix 2.0

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  • Extra
  • MS-DOS
  • 6,920 kB (6.76 MB)

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This is an updated re-release of Radix: Beyond the Void with many major changes to the original game. The most notable one is that the player's ship is no longer in cruising mode by default, and can be brought to a standstill without the need to use cheat codes. Many levels received a major overhaul and some were even completely replaced by new ones. Some enemy sprites have also been updated or replaced, and certain new features like inertia were also added.

Description by MrFlibble


Type in these codes one letter at a time during the game to cheat (note that some cheats require game version 1.1 or above):

nsbagwan: Toggle ultra-shields
nsbjipp: Toggle maneuvering jets
nsblaster: Toggle rapid shield regeneration
nsdeath: Death skill level
nsdebug: Debug mode
nsdiebesterds: Faster firing for weapons
nse: Full energy
nsfricoff: Toggle air friction
nshalt: Hover at minimum throttle
nshorsley: Toggle rapid energy regeneration
nsopta: Full armor, shields, energy, weapons, etc
nsoptl: Illuminate surfaces
nsoptm: Show full map
nsopts: Valid code that has no effect
nswarp##: Level select (first # is episode, second # is level)

Description by VGTips

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  • RAD (Radix engine recreation)

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Game video by Ancient DOS Games