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Radix: Beyond the Void

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Category: First-Person Shooter
Year: 1995
More details: MobyGames
Violence: !This game includes violence
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DOSBox: Supported (show details)
Rating: ****+

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The shareware version includes the first episode of the game, Theta 2.


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Description (by Epic MegaGames)

Radix: Beyond the Void is an intense 3D action game developed for the PC platform. While playing Radix, you'll fly down the alien infested tunnels of the Theta-2 base as well as the massive alien ship. You will also fly Beyond the Void, where unknown terrors await you. It'll take great persistence and skill to navigate the small assault fighter through the winding tunnels and corridors to successfully accomplish your mission. (Un)fortunately, heavy alien resistance will hinder your objective.

Radix: Beyond the Void has 3 large episodes each consisting of 8 regular missions and one secret mission. The action is non-stop, with only small breaks for the mission briefings. In each mission, you will have a unique primary objective ranging from action packed seek & destroy to stealthy recon missions. Before each mission, briefing information details objectives as well as the location of hostile alien activity.

Within the game, you have complete control , including lateral/horizontal movement and the freedom to fly in any direction. Hazards such as enemy ships, mindless alien zombies, missile launchers, crushing floors and ceilings, steeply sloped tunnels, tractor beams, gravity wells, and more will attempt to stop you from completing your mission.

Cheats (by

Type in these codes one letter at a time during the game to cheat (note that some cheats require game version 1.1 or above):

nsbagwan: Toggle ultra-shields
nsbjipp: Toggle maneuvering jets
nsblaster: Toggle rapid shield regeneration
nsdeath: Death skill level
nsdebug: Debug mode
nsdiebesterds: Faster firing for weapons
nse: Full energy
nsfricoff: Toggle air friction
nshalt: Hover at minimum throttle
nshorsley: Toggle rapid energy regeneration
nsopta: Full armor, shields, energy, weapons, etc
nsoptl: Illuminate surfaces
nsoptm: Show full map
nsopts: Valid code that has no effect
nswarp##: Level select (first # is episode, second # is level)



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Radix: Beyond the Void



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