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Developer: Ubi Soft Entertainment
Publisher: Ubi Soft Entertainment
More details:Official game website, MobyGames, Wikipedia
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  • executable: RAYDEM.BAT
  • configured for DOSBox

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Rayman Forever: €1.29 (-€3.70)

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In Rayman's world, nature and people used to live together in peace. The Great Protoon maintained the world's harmony and balance. One fateful day, however, the evil Mr. Dark stole the Great Protoon and defeated Betilla the Fairy as she tried to protect it! The Electoons, who gravitated around the Great Protoon, lost their natural stability and scattered all over the world! In Rayman's now-unbalanced world, strange phenomena occur: freaks and hostile characters appear, capturing every Electoon they can find! The disappearance of the Great Protoon also neutralized all of Betilla the Fairy's powers, and she needs time to regenerate her energy before she can help in any way... Rayman to the rescue! As a guardian of this world, Rayman must free the Electoons, recapture the Great Protoon from its mysterious kidnapper and reassemble them all to restore the world's harmony. But will the bad guys let him do it? After all, he doesn't have any arms or legs... But then again, neither do the bad guys.

Description by Ubi Soft Entertainment


For all codes: all letters must be typed with no shift, alt or control keys. All numbers must be entered by using the top row of keyboard, not the numerical keypad.

kom0ogdk Brings player's number of lives back up to 5
86e40g91 Gives player 10 additional tings
2x2rmfmf Golden Fist power
4ctrepfj Access to all six worlds
en5gol2g All powers
o8feh Skip to next level
trj8p 99 lives

Description by MobyGames

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