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Raymond Fait Du Kart

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Developer: Benoit Blanchon, Sylvain Fajon
More details:Official game website
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  • executable: RFDK.EXE
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  • MS-DOS
  • 4 kB (0.00 MB)

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Game description

Raymond Fait Du Kart ("Raymond Go Karts" in French) is an overhead-view arcade kart racing game. It is possible to race alone, against AI opponents or with a friend in split-screen multiplayer mode.

The karts are controlled with the keyboard, and will accelerate as long as they stay on the track, while steering off course will result in considerable slowdown to your movement. There are booster powerups scattered along the tracks which may be picked to gain an extra advantage. The game features simple but nice high-resolution graphics, and menu screens look like stylised crayon drawings.

Raymond Fait Du Kart was released as freeware by its authors. The game includes a built-in track editor, and several user-made tracks are available from the game site.

Description by MrFlibble

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