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Rick Dangerous II

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Category: Platform
Year: 1990
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Game added by: MrFlibble
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The control keys may be configured at the start of the demo. To use AdLib sound, the SOUND.COM driver is required (please see the links section below).


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Description (by MrFlibble)

Rick Dangerous II is the second game featuring the eponymous protagonist. Originally an Indiana Jones like character fighting the Nazis, Rick now finds himself in the post-war London facing an alien invasion, and dons a Superman style costume to defeat this threat.

The game is a platformer/shooter with heavy arcade elements, forcing the player to rely on precise timing to avoid traps and defeat enemies. Rick has three types of attack: punch (press the fire button + directional keys), laser bolts (press up + space bar) and bombs (press down + space bar). The ammo for the latter two is limited but may be replenished throughout the levels.

Game links

  • xrick (Rick Dangerous remake for browser)
  • Sound Driver Pack (legacy sound drivers for use in DOSBox)
  • xrick (Rick Dangerous recreation)


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Rick Dangerous II



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