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Rob Blanc III: The Temporal Terrorists

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This is the third and final part of the Rob Blanc trilogy -- a fully fledged sci-fi adventure game in the style of Sierra Entertainment Space Quest series, with light and sometimes a bit questionable humour and zany puzzles. The art is very clean and quite pleasant, if nothing special, and the plot is quite convoluted, albeit built around the cliche of the characters having to assemble a MacGuffin from several parts.

For those who missed the previous two games, Rob Blanc is your ordinary Englishman who's been chosen to become the Defender of the Universe. Together with his trusty sidekick and engineer Paul Grenwald, he is sent on a mission to investigate temporal anomalies that threaten the very existence of the universe (yet again!) This time, the two split up and will be controlled separately by the player in different chapters of the game. As usual, collect items, talk to people, solve puzzles and watch cutscenes as the plot unfolds.

The DOS version is just a demo, but the Windows release is the full game. You might need to tweak compatibility settings and/or use DxWnd to play this on newer versions of Windows.

Description by MrFlibble

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