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Rock 'n' Spin

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  • unofficial Windows port
  • Editor
  • MS-DOS
  • 412 kB (0.40 MB)
  • Extra
  • MS-DOS
  • 4 kB (0.00 MB)


The default controls are Z, X, ; and . for movement directions, but these can be remapped in the game options.

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Game description

Rock 'n' Spin is a very nice Boulder Dash-like puzzle game. Guide an Emu through tunnel mazes filled with rocks and boulders, collect diamonds and avoid or capture spinners (those robotic-looking things).

There are a few differences from classic Boulder Dash in this game. First, diamonds don't fall when there is no support for them, and they can serve as support for boulders, which is crucial for solving some of the puzzles. Second, there are round boulders and square boulders, and only the former will roll off diamonds and certain wall edges when there is no support.

Some diamonds are located inside locked boxes, and you need to pick a key to open them. Again, this may factor in certain puzzles, as round boulders will rest on rectangular boxes but will roll off diamonds, so opening the boxes at the wrong time might result in obstructing the path or other nasty effects,

A great feature in this game is that the player's moves are recorded in real time, and if a level is restarted, it will automatically replay the previous session until the player takes over. There are no lives or a time limit (although the game keeps track of the time spent on any level), which is very helpful as many puzzles are rather intricate and may not be solved from the first try.

Rock 'n' Spin was originally sold as shareware, but later author Ben Davis released the full registered version as freeware along with the level editor. There are 30 levels in the full game. Rock 'n' Spin supports two graphical resolution modes, 320x240 and 640x480, and features quality pre-rendered graphics.

Description by MrFlibble

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