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Sango Fighter 2

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Year: 1995
More details: MobyGames
Game added by: MrFlibble
Violence: !This game includes violence
DOSBox: Supported (show details)

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This is a liberated game: it was originally commercial, but on 6 November 2013 Super Fighter Team released the full version as freeware.


  • Title screen (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Xiahou Yuan attempts to hop over Xu Chu's Tiger Wave (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Story mode puts you in control of a warlord's entire military force (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Taishi Ci uses his Invincible Kick to knock Zhang Liao out of the air (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Guan Yu unleashes his Shooting Star as Ma Chao attempts to recover from a prior blow (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Will Sun Ce act in time to avoid being hit by Huang Zhong's Heart Attack? (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Zhang Fei is about to be brushed aside by Huang Gai's Sky Sweeper (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Ma Chao uses his Turning Sea Kick to trip up Gan Ning (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Three different bonus stages await you in-between bouts in battle mode (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Lü Bu advances on a momentarily stunned Xiahou Dun (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Zhao Yun stands triumphant over Xu Huang (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Match-up screen (image by DOS Games Archive)

Description (by )

This is more of a remake than a sequel to the original Sango Fighter. The setting is the same as is the story: it is the Three Kingdoms era of Ancient China when powerful warlords vie to unify the land under their rule.

Similar to Sango Fighter, there are two single-player modes: the Story Mode and the Battle Mode. The Story Mode underwent significant changes and now includes a full-fledged strategic component. As a supreme commander of one of the Three Kingdom's forces, the player allocates troops and selects new areas of conquest in Risk style turn based strategy game. Each battle is played out as a series of on-on-one engagements between troops and eventually generals commanded by the player and the AI. A general sent into combat is accompanied by several soldiers (swordsmen, pikemen and/or archers) picked by the player, whereas in Sango Fighter the Story Mode had a general selected by the player defeat the enemy troops single-handedly.



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Sango Fighter 2



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