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Sango Fighter

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Year: 1993
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Violence: !This game includes violence
DOSBox: Supported (show details)
Rating: ***+

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This is a liberated game: it was originally commercial, but on 18 June 2009 Super Fighter Team released the full version as freeware.


  • Title screen (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Zhang Fei performs his Chain Kick against Xu Chu (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Cao Cao executes his Double Swing Kick against Xiahou Yuan (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Ma Chao uses his Turning Sea Kick against Zhao Yun (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Lü Bu's fully charged Dragon Slayer and Xiahou Dun's Earth Cracker (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Guan Yu strikes Xu Huang with his Counter Slash (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Xiahou Dun is victorious! (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • One of Cao Cao's soldiers slashes Zhang Fei with his sword (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Is this the end of Dian Wei? (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Opening animation sequence (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • The map screen in story mode displays the location of the next battle (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Match-up screen (image by DOS Games Archive)

Description (by )

Sango Fighter is a fighting game set in the Three Kingdoms period of Ancient China. As one of the five legendary heroes of that time, the player's task is to participate in the campaign against the powerful warlord Cao Cao (also spelled Tsau Tsau). This is the main Story Mode of the game, in which the player first has to fight soldiers and then generals of Cao Cao's army.

The other option is Battle Mode, which consists of duels between selectable characters controlled by the player and the AI, similar to many other fighting games. A two-player duel mode is also available.



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Sango Fighter



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