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Developer: Dem Innovations
More details:Official game website
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Santaman is a fixed-screen arcade platform game with a vague Christmas theme. It features 'Santaman' as the main character, who is either Santa himself or someone wearing a Santa suit and armed with a bazooka (so more like Robot Santa from Futurama although the game predates the show by two years). Santaman is out to clear an abandoned factory from mutants which also have strange appearances that resemble comic book heroes.

The factory has ten floors, with increasing numbers of mutants and various deadly traps. Santaman must clear each floor from all mutants before time runs out, and collect presents and powerups along the way. Two powerups are needed for the bazooka to work, the first will enable firing but it will only stun mutants, the second powerup allows to actually destroy them. Very tight timing is required to complete the levels.

Santaman was released as freeware. The developers created it as a tribute to the 80s arcade titles, mostly being influenced by Donkey Kong and Wrecking Crew.

Description by MrFlibble

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