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Scorched Planet

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To play the 3dfx demo, you will need dgVoodoo2 or nGlide (please see the links section below). You will also need the fixed rdlwood.dll library provided by Dege, author of dgVoodoo2.

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Scorched Planet™ balances tactics and planning (do you engage the enemy immediately, or first shore up your defensive positions and send off fuel scavengers?) with all-out, ball crunching, hell-broke-loose blasting. lizard image Based on the RenderWare® 3D graphics engine, Scorched Planet pushes the graphics envelope to the limit with a full 3D perspectively textured world, and real 3D enemies, not sprites. Scorched Planet also provides real-time shadows and an 8 person multi- player option.

Scorched Planet is set in the year 2230 and the Voraxian™ hordes are razing the human colony on planet Dator 5™. Once a fighter pilot - now a drunken has-been, reduced to piloting Cargo ships across the void - you are the only glimmer of hope for the colonists on Dator 5 and are the only pilot in the vicinity when the call for help is received.

The 19 missions in the battle to protect Dator 5 takes place over 7 huge and diverse 3D landscapes with numerous 3D enemies.

Cast as the lone protector, your Type 16 transport has the capability of morphing between a weapon-packed fighter craft and a heavily armoured assault tank. Using the Type 16, you scorch your path across unnervingly realistic 3D terrains.

You have a task, a goal and a motivation. You're here to evacuate the colony and to save lives. You'll defend your charges with strategy and cunning and when necessary (believe me, it's always necessary) you'll stage pre-emptive strikes; you'll enter vicious dogfights; you'll light up the skies with pyrotechnic carnage and blast paths through charging ground forces. The foe is evil, merciless, insidious, immovable and spectacular in its strength. You have your wit, your nerve, your experience and above all the immutable knowledge that only you can save the colonists.

Description by Criterion Studios

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