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Developer: Elkware
Publisher: Ticsoft, HomeBrew Software
More details:Official game website
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Use the arrow keys to move the ball, and press the Space bar to "mark" to matching tiles when they are next to each other. Press M to lock on the current tile and move it around.

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Game description

Shards is a shareware tile-matching puzzle game. The player controls a ball that can move around tiles with Greek letters on them, and "mark" tiles with identical letters, making them disappear.

The objective of each level/puzzle is to clear all pairs of letters from the screen and reach the exit. The ball can move over tiles with letters, solid tiles and crumbling tiles which disappear once the ball passes over them. However, when the ball attaches itself to a tile and moves it around, it can go anywhere on the playing field. This allows to rearrange the tiles in any desirable way, with only the countdown timer limiting the player's experimentations.

The unregistered version contains just 10 levels out of 60 in the full game.

Description by MrFlibble

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