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Skaut Kwatermaster

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  • Extra
  • MS-DOS
  • 57 kB (0.06 MB)

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Game description

Skaut Kwatermaster is a graphical point-and-click adventure game that appears to draw some heavy inspiration from Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle is terms of the visual style.

The story follows a hapless Scout Quartermaster who needs to rescue a fellow Girl Guide trapped in a dilapidated army tank. The game is controlled with the mouse, and any useful items or objects are not only helpfully highlighted when you hover the mouse over them, but right-clicking on such item will automatically perform an appropriate function, such as open or pick up.

The game was originally sold commercially, but in the early 2000s L.K. Avalon released this "classic title" as a freeware download. Skaut Kwatermaster was never released in English and only comes in the Polish language, but a partial fan translation exists that might help you through the puzzles.

Description by MrFlibble

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