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Developer: Snood, LLC
Publisher: Snood, LLC
More details:Official game website, MobyGames, Wikipedia
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Snood is a tile-matching puzzle game inspired by Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition (also known as Puzzle Bobble), but instead of coloured balls, here you need to bring together funny little faces called Snoods.

As in Puzzle Bobble, the Snoods are attached to the "ceiling" of the playing field, and the player controls a cannon that launches new Snoods into play. You need to group three or more of the same type for them to disappear. Every once in a while, the ceiling will move down a little bit, bringing the Snoods closer to the bottom. If at least one touches the ground below the line, it's game over.

The game has several single-player modes, selectable from the main menu. If you choose any of the difficulty levels, the playing field will be filled randomly with Snoods without any gaps, and the objective is to clear all in as few turns as possible. The higher the difficulty, the larger the playing field will be and the more Snoods present. There is also the Journey mode where you will progress through the difficulty levels with the same rules.

The other mode is Puzzle, where you play through successively more difficult pre-set levels with the Snoods arranged in certain patterns, much like Puzzle Bobble and its clones. In this mode, you can save your progress.

Snood was originally developed for Macintosh computers in 1996, featuring high-resolution SVGA graphics, and distributed as shareware. It was later ported to DOS and Windows PCs in 1998-1999. The unregistered version is fully playable, except for the option to construct custom puzzles and to use additional level packs. The Tournament mode is also disabled. However. now the game is available for free from Steam and from the developer's website, and it was also ported mobile devices.

Description by MrFlibble

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