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Sokoban 1994

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Category: Puzzle
Year: 1994
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Game added by: MrFlibble
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Description (by MrFlibble)

This is a Sokoban variant based on an earlier game by the same author, Jim Radcliffe, called Sokoball. It uses the same graphics as Sokoball but with standard Sokoban rules without the new additions.

The objective of each puzzle is to move all boxes into the yellow striped area of the storage facility within a time limit. The player (represented by a yellow ball) can only push boxes, which presents the main challenge of this game, as wrong moves can easily result in unwinnable situations, e.g. if you push a box into a corner, you won't be able to pull it back out.

The puzzles were not created by Jim Radcliffe but submitted by various users, and are all in the Public Domain. The game itself is shareware: you can play all the levels included and also use the level editor, but will not be able to save and play your own creations. The game does not seem to keep track of high scores, and all of the 41 levels included can be played in any desired order.


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Sokoban 1994



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