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Developer: Games 4 Brains
Publisher: Games 4 Brains
More details:Official game website
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Game description

Sokonex is a Soko-Ban style game with a few original elements. The objective is still to move boxes around, but this time you need to connect all the green ones together, instead of placing all boxes onto marked spots in the level.

There are several other new elements in the game, such as destructible blocks, holes in the floor, movable blocks that do not need to be connected to anything and just block your way, and lasers that can destroy other block types. Similarly to Sokowahn Pro, the interface is very user-friendly, and will track the player's performance both in the number of turns spent to solve each puzzle, and the actual real time that has passed. A replay of any completed level can be saved and viewed later. The undo button is also very helpful if you accidentally make the wrong move.

Sokonex was sold as shareware. The unregistered version contains the first 20 levels out of 100 in the full game. The other 80 levels may be previewed but not tried out.

Description by MrFlibble

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