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Solar Winds

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Category: Shooter
Year: 1993
More details: MobyGames
Game added by: MrFlibble
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executable: SOLAR1.EXE
498 kB
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The shareware version includes the entire first episode of the game, The Escape.

NOTE: Setting DOSBox to max CPU cycles might result in failed sound card detection at startup. Run the game with fixed CPU cycles instead (about 15000 cycles should be enough).


  • Title screen (image by MrFlibble)
  • About to hail another ship (image by MrFlibble)
  • The view zooms out during combat (image by MrFlibble)
  • Flying in deep space (image by MrFlibble)
  • There's a lot of dialogue with NPCs (image by MrFlibble)
  • The game starts asJake Stone is contacted by a mysterious man (image by MrFlibble)

Description (by Epic MegaGames)

In Solar Winds, you play the role of Jake Stone, bounty hunter. As you explore the galaxy on various missions, you'll fend off hostile attackers to achieve your goals. Meanwhile, a dark and mysterious plot develops as you progress. The nature of the plot won't be fully revealed until you solve Solar Winds.

Solar Winds is situated in space and features smooth-scrolling 256-color graphics as you navigate around the galaxy. In addition to using your arcade skills, Solar Winds requires quite a bit of strategy to master.



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Solar Winds



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