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Space Plumber

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Developer: Angel Ortega
Publisher: StRAtOS
More details:Official game website
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Game description

Space Plumber is a first-person maze game in a sci-fi setting. You are a technician on an evacuated space station that is getting slowly flooded, and your task is find and activate extraction pumps in each level before you can progress to the next one. There is also a secondary objective of deactivating security consoles that you may find.

The game utilizes a fairly complex 3D texture-mapping engine to create mazes that are getting gradually flooded. Each level may have one or more pumps to find, and possibly contains security consoles for the player to deactivate, but is otherwise empty, with the countdown timer and rising water levels being the only enemies. As mazes become more complex, it will take more time to get them fully flooded, yet the objectives will be equally more difficult to find. Additionally, moving through water is slower than running on dry ground, adding to the urgency. The player can swim underwater for some time, but needs to resurface to refill oxygen supply.

Space Plumber was released into the public domain, and the source code is available under the GPL license. A native Windows version is also available.

Description by MrFlibble

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