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Star Command: Revolution

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The Client Demo allows you to play the full version of the Battles portion of the game only if you join a game created by a full version player. You will have full access to all technology if you join a registered user's game.

You can create your own games, but you will only be able to begin the game as Terrans, and you will not have access to Nomad or Triumverite technology. If you purchase the full game, you can create full version games, create multi-player cooperative or single player campaign games, and feel the full Star Command experience (CD music, fight unique Bosses, discover Power Ups, etc.).

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Four races are at violent odds for control of the Zeta galaxy....It will take all your strategic genius to harvest resources, learn new technologies and build the superior space armada. But looming over all of you is the ultimate threat: an evil race more powerful than you and your combined enemies!

Description by GT Interactive

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