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Steel Panthers II: Modern Battles

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The playable demo has a tutorial and three scenarios from the full game.

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Steel Panthers Invades the Modern Battlefield.

It's tank vs. tank in this modern-day version of one of the most successful wargames ever! Set in Europe, Korea, and the Middle East from 1950 to 1999, Steel Panthers II: Modern Battles puts you in command of a single squad or an entire battalion.

In addition to modern tanks, you'll have access to all the appropriate unit types - including helicopters, jet fighters, and missile sites. Keep track of your favorite NCOs and officers and call upon them throughout your career. Challenge the many ready-to-play historical scenarios - or create your own!

The random scenario generator plus powerful scenario editing features mean no two scenarios need be the same.
The latest from Gary Grigsby, author of such hits as Pacific War, War In Russia, The Great War, and Steel Panthers.
Modern Armaments Include: Choppers, SAM's, Cluster Munitions, and Modern Anti-Tank Missiles.
SuperVGA graphics, extensive animation, modern video combat footage, digitized photos, and digitized sound effects add up to a wargame that looks and sounds as good as it plays!

Description by Strategic Simulations, Inc.

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