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Steel Panthers II: Modern Battles

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Category: Turn-Based Strategy
Year: 1996
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The playable demo has a tutorial and three scenarios from the full game.


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Description (by Strategic Simulations, Inc.)

Steel Panthers Invades the Modern Battlefield.
It's tank vs. tank in this modern-day version of one of the most successful wargames ever! Set in Europe, Korea, and the Middle East from 1950 to 1999, Steel Panthers II: Modern Battles puts you in command of a single squad or an entire battalion.

In addition to modern tanks, you'll have access to all the appropriate unit types - including helicopters, jet fighters, and missile sites. Keep track of your favorite NCOs and officers and call upon them throughout your career. Challenge the many ready-to-play historical scenarios - or create your own!


  • The random scenario generator plus powerful scenario editing features mean no two scenarios need be the same.
  • The latest from Gary Grigsby, author of such hits as Pacific War, War In Russia, The Great War, and Steel Panthers.
  • Modern Armaments Include: Choppers, SAM's, Cluster Munitions, and Modern Anti-Tank Missiles.
  • SuperVGA graphics, extensive animation, modern video combat footage, digitized photos, and digitized sound effects add up to a wargame that looks and sounds as good as it plays!

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Steel Panthers II: Modern Battles



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