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Year: 1993
More details: MobyGames
Game added by: MrFlibble
Violence: !This game includes violence
DOSBox: Supported (show details)

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This is a liberated game: it was originally commercial, but Super Fighter Team released the full version as freeware. There are several releases:

  • - Taiwanese release
  • - Australian release
  • - South Korean release

A pre-release test version called The King of Super Fighters is also available.

For game controls, please refer to this page.

NOTE: This game has an updated Windows version, which is available from the official site (please see the links section below).


  • Title screen (English) (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Lan performs a crouch kick against Sarkov (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Phoenix smashes King Tai Chi with her Turning Leg Slash (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Indian Joe unleashes his Powerful Shockwave against Bullet (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Joker hopes to catch Jaan off guard with his Queue Attack (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Widow kicks Frank in the face (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Onimaru jumps into the direct path of Jaan's Iron Headbutt (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Lan is victorious! (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Onimaru flings Lan aside using his Air Throw (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Aftermath screen (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Match-up screen (image by DOS Games Archive)
  • Opening animation sequence (image by DOS Games Archive)

Description (by )

A mysterious crime syndicate launches a series of political assassinations across the globe in a bid for world domination. Eight heroes, each skilled in martial arts, accept the challenge of facing the top three villains of the drug cartel in one-on-one fights to put an end to this threat.

Super Fighter is a fighting game in the same tradition as Street Fighter and The King of Fighters. The player selects one of eight characters and engages in a series of on-on-one battles. Each character has a unique set of moves and special abilities, and the main objective is to defeat all other opponents and eventually face the end boss.

Super Fighter was released as Fatal Encounter in Australia and Street Counter in South Korea.



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Super Fighter



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