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Surface Tension

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Category: First-Person Shooter
Year: 1996
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Game added by: MrFlibble
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executable: INSTALL.BAT
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15,258 kB
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If the demo crashes DOSBox on startup, try setting the CPU core to normal in dosbox.conf.


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Description (by GameTek)

Battle the Forces of Corporate Greed
Teleport Across the Galaxy
and Blow a few Corporate Suits into Cosmic Slime

PMA, a deadly airborne desease, is infecting the Earth's population at an astronomical rate. Glomavine, the only vaccine, is six weeks away somewhere in our Solar System; It cannot survive the journey. LYNX megacorp has the only known Glomavine mine AND owns all the freighters in the system.

Dr. Rawlwin has invented Teleportation, but LYNX does not wish to lose revenue as a result of the doctor's find. You are charged with the mission of teleporting to planetoids in our system to find the Glomavine mine, and to overthrow any LYNX camps you may find.

A continuously developing storyline and a beautifully realistic 3D landscape, together with a 16-bit stereo CD sound track, bring realism and excitement to this extremely imaginative plot.



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Surface Tension



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