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Tetris Pro (Craig Rothwell)

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Developer: Craig Rothwell
More details:Official game website
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Tetris Pro by Craig Rothwell (not to be confused with the other Tetris Pro by Dutch demo group TRIAL) is a Tetris variant that allows to play both by the original rules and with its own original enhancements. In the Tetris Pro mode, the objective of each level is to reveal a picture, which is uncovered line by line as the player clears lines of tetrominoes from the screen. In the first levels, clearing one line uncovers one line of the image, but later on, you need to bust two lines simultaneously to uncover another portion of the picture.

There are various powerups, which are contained in square blocks and can only be activated if such a block is used to clear a line. These include bonus points, increase or decrease game speed, and most notably, an "underwater" ripple effect that makes the level a bit more tricky to play.

Although the latest version of Tetris Pro is 1.0, the author still considered it an incomplete beta and planned more features. Among those not implemented is the high score table, but otherwise the game is fully playable. Tetris Pro is freeware.

Description by MrFlibble

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