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The Dig

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You can play The Dig on this website so you don't need to download and install the game on your computer. We recommend to use Google Chrome when playing DOS games online.

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  • executable: THEDIG.BAT
  • configured for DOSBox

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The Dig: €4.99


To quit the demo, press F5 and select Quit.

NOTE: This game can be played under Windows using the ScummVM engine recreation (see the links section below). The ScummVM website has a downloadable demo of The Dig which can be played in ScummVM.

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Game description

The Dig is a cinematic sci-fi point-and-click adventure game based on a plot idea by Steven Spielberg. You are in the boots of Commander Boston Low, a NASA astronaut sent on a mission to correct the course of an asteroid approaching the Earth. Things go in an unexpected way as the expedition suddenly finds itself on a desolate alien world. Will they find their way home?

Description by LucasArts Entertainment / Lucasfilm Games

Game links

  • ScummVM (SCUMM engine recreation) tip

Game screenshots

Game video by Ancient DOS Games