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The Little Pixy 2

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The Little Pixy 2 is a charming, non-violent puzzle platformer with a Christmas theme, developed with QuickBasic 4.5. It's Christmas eve and all Santa's pixies have caught a cold, except one - and his mission is to collect all presents from their North Pole workshop into Santa's bag.

Each level contains four presents and a countdown timer. Some items might be in a locked room, for which a key is required. It takes a bit of practice to pick up all presents in time, so the game is quite challenging. The animations and scrolling are very smooth, and the graphics are of professional quality. Overall, the game is quite polished. There are nine levels with catchy tunes.

The Little Pixy 2 was released as freeware, and later its source code in QuickBasic and Assembly language was also made available by the authors.

Description by MrFlibble

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