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The Orb of Dilaaria

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  • executable: ORBWEB.BAT
  • configured for DOSBox

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Game description

The Orb of Dilaaria is a fantasy-themed total conversion of Wolfenstein 3D that uses modified code of that game to add multiple new features.

The story takes place in a kingdom overrun by the forces of evil, which the player character, a lone palace guard, must defeat by using wits and an arsenal of magic weaponry. You start off in a prison cell with only the mace for a weapon, but will gradually acquire magical weapons that function pretty much like you'd expect in a first-person shooter.

A unique feature in The Orb of Dilaaria is the non-linear progression that allows for branching, mutually exclusive paths throughout the game. The story is split into six episodes, five levels each, ending with a boss battle, but many levels have more than one exit, thus offering multiple journeys through each episode (this is not the same as having a secret level exit alongside the regular level exit in certain levels).

There are other advanced features not found in Wolfenstein 3D or its mods as well. For example, between levels, the game displays a "Bestiary" that provides information on newly encountered enemies, threats and other obstacles that the player comes across. There are open air and underwater areas, although most of the time the action takes place in dungeons and castle interiors.

One word of warning, this game is quite hard. It is much recommended to pick the easiest skill level on your first try, as higher difficulties dramatically increase the damage dealt by enemies, while health pickups are not abundant and may not compensate for the attrition suffered from enemy encounters, especially before a ranged weapon can be acquired.

Description by MrFlibble

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