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Titans of Steel

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Developer: Vicious Byte
Category:Turn-Based Strategy
More details:Official game website
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  • Patch
  • Windows
  • 1,550 kB (1.51 MB)


There are several releases of this game: - v1.03 for DOS - v1.1 for DOS - v1.2.1 for Windows - v1.3 beta patch for Windows - v1.4 for Windows

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Game description

Titans of Steel is a tactical BattleMech strategy game, an offspring of Mechforce, the brilliant Amiga classic by Ralph H. Reed. Turn based 'Mech combat. Build your own combat vehicles, assemble teams and fight with huge combat vehicles that can weight more 100 tons. Unique idea with excellent presentation and playability.

To cut a long story short
In the year of 2066 one of the main entertainment attractions are contests between titanic robots piloted by short lived rookies or notorious veterans, called jocks. These are assembled in teams and deemed to success cause losers end dead or without money to maintain their expenses. A jock's life is dangerous indeed, therefore most of them are recruited directly from prison and offered pardon if they would live long enough to become famous.

The battles are fought all over the world and watched by billions of

Description by Vicious Byte

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