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Tom DX

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The game can be run in DOSBox but it does not work well. You will need to set the memsize parameter in the DOSBox configuration file to 63 to play, but there will be no music or sound effects.

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Tom DX is an unofficial remake of a Commodore 16 game called Tom Thumb where the eponymous treasure hunter explores a huge pyramid full of dangers, such as hostile creatures and various traps. TomDX faithfully recreates the layout of the pyramid but brings completely new graphics and a few extra rooms.

Tom can run around and jump but has no means of attacking monsters, so the objective it to avoid all hazards, which involves carefully timing jumps. Thankfully, the game controls quite smoothly and does not make an extra challenge out of the way the player character moves around.

Tom DX was created using DIV Games Studio and released as freeware.

Description by MrFlibble

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