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Top Hat Willy

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Top Hat Willy is an arcade platform game that pays homage to the highly popular ZX Spectrum series, Jet Set Willy. As the title suggests, the player controls Willy, who wears a top hat, and must collect all trash, represented by flashing items, from the grounds of a mansion (which, presumably, belongs to Willy).

The place is crawling with the most bizarre things like giant razor blades or flying TV sets, as well as odd humanoid creatures, all of which Willy must avoid if he is to complete his mission. Willy cannot defend himself by means other than running and jumping, so progressing through the game (each stage is represented by exactly one screen) involves making a lot of perfectly timed jumps and dashes, which is why the game is so difficult.

Top Hat Willy was originally written for Amiga computers in 1994, and ported to IBM PC (DOS) in 2002. The game is freeware.

Description by MrFlibble

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