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Trick Blast

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Developer: Mats Westberg
More details:Official game website
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It is recommended to play the game using the mouse (change controller type in player settings).

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Game description

Trick Blast is an experimental game that could be best described as a hybrid of pool and soccer. The player and the AI opponent control cannons that move freely on the playing field and can shoot small balls in the direction of the big green ball, the objective being to steer the ball thus into the opponent's goal while keeping your own safe from it.

This may not sound much, the the resulting gameplay is easy to learn, fun and almost addictive. Points are scored not only for goals, but also for keeping the ball on the opponent's side of the playing field. Additionally, there are various bonuses that the players can pick. The game offers single match and tournament modes, and can be played against the AI or between two users at the same computer.

Trick Blast was created with DIV Games Studio and originally submitted as an entry to the DIV Competition 2000.

Description by MrFlibble

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