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Trivia Whiz

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Category: Traditional
Year: 1990
More details: MobyGames

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Apogee Software released Trivia Whiz as freeware (without support) December 23rd, 2005 as a Christmas present to long-time fans.


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Description (by MobyGames)

You are presented with questions from a variety of categories, like History, Sports, Entertainment, Music and Comics, and you must supply the answer. To make things interesting, there is a timer on each question that allows you fifteen seconds to answer. The more time that goes by, the lower your bonus score on the question will be. You are allowed to miss only a certain number of questions before the game is over. You start out with three Free Misses. Each time you miss a question, you loose one free miss. But you get an extra free miss when you answer ten questions correctly.

There are five volumes of Trivia Whiz and each volume has a hundred different questions.


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