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Troll's Tale

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Category: Adventure
Year: 1984
More details: MobyGames
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Rating: ****

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executable: trollstale/TROLL.COM
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NOTE: This game can be played under Windows using the ScummVM engine recreation (see the links section below).


  • Image by MobyGames

Description (by MobyGames)

An evil troll has hidden all of the treasures of Mark, The Dwarf King. There are 15 treasures hidden throughout the land that you need to help locate. If you locate a treasure, but the troll is on the screen at the time, you will need to come back and find a way to make him leave. Troll's Tale is an adventure game which requires minimal typing, using the spacebar to select from several possible actions which are listed on the screen and pressing enter to perform the selected action.

Game links

  • ScummVM (SCUMM engine recreation) tip


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Troll's Tale



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