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Tunnel B1

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Developer: NEON Software
Publisher: Ocean Software
Category:First-Person Shooter
More details:MobyGames, Wikipedia

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Tunnel B1 is a futuristic first-person shooter where you drive an armed hovercraft through tunnels (as you might have guessed) that are packed with all manners of static and mobile defences. The game world is rendered in true 3D, but unlike Quake, the player is confined to a more or less straightforward path which is split into sections, and each of those must be completed in a limited time. Destroying enemies and creates yields various powerups and extra ammo for the player's weapons, but there is no telling what you'll get before you pick an item up, forcing the player to decide whether it's worth trying to get something as the clock is ticking.

It appears that Tunnel B1 was developed for and/or with fifth-generation consoles in mind, and looks distinctly like a console title. Gameplay is very arcade-ey and does not approach the complexity of either Quake or Descent. The game boasts high resolution graphics, and because of this it generally requires a faster PC than the above mentioned titles. Generally, this game is more like a shoot-'em-up, but played from the first-person perspective.

Description by MrFlibble

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