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Developer: Anarchy Entertainment
More details:Official game website
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Use W, S, A and D as arrow keys to move your character around, Alt and Ctrl to perform attacks.

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Valhalla is a cancelled versus fighting game based around Norse mythology. The plot is that in the Vikings' afterlife, the Valhalla, their existence amounts to violent fights during the day and feasts at night, with the winner of these tournaments being granted godhood.

The game was supposed to have twelve playable characters based on gods and other mythological characters from the Norse pantheon, and a variety of fighting stages, each with their own perils and special features that could be used in combat. All characters and backgrounds were hand-drawn and might remind one of console titles like Weaponlord. Some of the art can be seen on the archive page of the game.

Unfortunately, as Valhalla was cancelled, only a beta demo exists with three characters and four stages available. Nevertheless, the beta is fully playable (albeit not without bugs) in tournament mode and also supports two-player games. The included license agreement does not allow to mirror the beta, so you will have to download it via the Wayback Machine from an external source (please see the links section below).

Description by MrFlibble

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