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Developer: Edward Mueller
More details:MobyGames
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User the arrow keys to move the stylus, hold Ctrl (slow movement) or Alt (fast movement) and press the arrows to draw lines on the playing field.

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This is a freeware clone of the popular arcade game, Qix. The player controls a "stylus" which can draw lines on the playing field, which will colour a part of it when the line connects two sides of the board.

The objective is to colour a specified percentage of the field while avoiding two types of enemies. The first, Kix, is a multi-coloured shape that randomly moves around on the playing field. It must not be allowed to touch either the player or the line which is currently being drawn. The other enemies are sparks, which can only travel along the borders of the game screen and the fully drawn lines, just like the stylus. Again, contact with these must be avoided.

VGA Kix was released as freeware, but the author offered the source code for a fee.

Description by MrFlibble

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