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Developer: 4am Programming
More details:Official game website
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xyWords is a crossword puzzle game where you need to guess multiple anagrams from a given set of letters. It was inspired by a similar mobile game called WordScapes, and programmed in QBasic to run on vintage hardware, specifically, on an IBM-PC (8088 CPU @ 4.77mhz), 384KB of RAM, MS-DOS 2.11+ and CGA Graphics as the target platform. It runs flawlessly in DOSBox too.

Available letters are placed on the wheel in the lower right part of the screen. You need to come up with as many anagrams as possible to fill the empty squares of the grid. Anagrams not on the grid are placed in the "word bag", and finding all of these might count as a secondary objective. There are two play modes, Puzzle Collection and Free Play. In the former, you complete puzzles in a sequence, unlocking more difficult ones as you progress. There are three collections, and some puzzles are time-limited. In Free Play, you can solve puzzles in any order. An editor is also included that allows users to create their own puzzles.

xyWords was released as a Public Domain game.

Description by MrFlibble

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