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Zone 66

Game information

Developer: Renaissance
Publisher: Epic MegaGames
More details:MobyGames
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File Details
  • Update
  • MS-DOS
  • 340 kB (0.33 MB)


The file adds the Gravis Ultrasound soundtrack to the game.

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Game description

Zone 66 is an ultra high-tech 32-bit arcade game for 386 and faster computers. You pilot your fighter jet through a huge 360-degree scrolling playfield that's jam-packed with 256-color enemies and terrain. Inflict massive damage on the enemy bunkers, artillery, and industrial sites, leaving craters and devastated earth in your wake. Featuring a state-of-the-art digital sound track for the Sound Blaster and Gravis Ultrasound cards.

Description by Renaissance


Bypass the opening screen: Start the game with the commandline parameter GAME.EXE TranIsEvil, or ZONE66 -? -? -? TranIsEvil.

Play using enemy planes: Press the right arrow key at the plane selection screen.

Description by VGTips

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Game video by Ancient DOS Games