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Zone Raiders

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Scan the horizon from the pit of your jacked-up hovercar. Only two things matter in a post nuclear world: speed and survival. In this scorching 3-D driving shooter, you're an outcast from the safe zones of the world where food and supplies are abundant. Jump into your souped-up, heavily armed vintage automobile and bust into those zones, steal what you need and get the hell out before someone in a bigger, faster, meaner death machine smears you into a new level of blacktop.

To defend yourself, you've got gritty high-tech weapons like plasma guns, grenade launchers, machine guns, rockets and mortars of death. It's up to you to keep a steady hand on the wheel and a lead foot on the gas as you rocket four hovercars over twelve hair-raising tracks, reeling from the sensation only true driving physics can give you.

Description by Virgin Interactive Entertainment

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