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DOS Games Archive Newsletter #22  July 2009
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It's a very long time ago since we sent out our last newsletter: around December 2004. On June 21 2009 we introduced a new and improved version of DOS Games Archive. You can read about that in this newsletter.

Besides the new site this newsletter has undergone a facelift too. As you can see, it's now a modern HTML mailing instead of plain text.
In this issue
  • Introducing the all-new DOS Games Archive
  • Buy your favourite games on GOG.com
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Introducing the all-new DOS Games Archive

We are happy to announce that we have launched the new version of DOS Games Archive. The new website includes much more detailed game information, a game rating system, more possibilites to find the game you are looking for, game recommendations on the download pages and much more.

We also would like to show the screenshot gallery which was developed for those visitors who can't remember the title of the game they are looking for. By looking at the screenshots they may recognize the game or even rediscover classic games that they had already forgotten about.

DOS Games Archive now also features a cheats section and help pages, for example about running DOS games with the very popular DOSBox software on Windows and even Mac OS X. We hope you will appreciate the new site and would like to hear what you think of it!

Visit the new DOS Games Archive...

Buy your favourite games on GOG.com

GOG.com, short for 'Games of Gold', is a new games download store that only provides the very best full version games. On the website you will not only find popular Windows games, but also a collection of DOS game classics! To name a few high profile DOS titles: Battle Chess, Blake Stone, Cannon Fodder, Descent, Duke Nukem 3D, Fallout, Rise of the Triad and Screamer.

If you buy a game you don't only get the full version game, you also support DOS Games Archive. We receive a small fee from the download store for every sale, which helps us to keep our free website alive. Thank you!

See the GOG.com games for sale on DOS Games Archive or
Visit the website of GOG.com to see all their games...

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