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Advanced Civilization

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Also known as: Avalon Hill's Advanced Civilization (full title)
Developer: The Avalon Hill Game Company
Publisher: The Avalon Hill Game Company
More details:MobyGames, Wikipedia
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  • includes installer
  • executable: ACDEMO_1.EXE


The demo allows to play for 16 turns.

This game is not related to Sid Meier's Civilization.

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Game description

Building on Avalon Hill's award-winning Civilization, the PC version of Advanced Civilization begins where the boardgame of Civilization left off. YOU start at the Dawn of History . . . and lead your society through the mists of time to the age of the civilized state -8000 B.C. to 250 B.C. The object of the game is to gain an overall advancement in which cultural, economic, and political factors are paramount. Loaded with expansions and additions to the original Civilization game system. Age 12 and up.

Description by The Avalon Hill Game Company

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