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Alex the Allegator

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Also known as: Alex the Allegator 1 (alternate spelling)
Developer: Johan Peitz
Publisher: Free Lunch Design
More details:Official game website
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Game description

Alex the Allegator is a short, unfinished platform game from the creator of Happyland Adventures. It features an alligator named Alex who needs to reach his (prospective) girlfriend Lola. There are no enemies or other obstacles in the game, but finding your way around requires some jumping and exploration. A two-player mode is also available.

Author Johan Pietz created Alex the Allegator for the Allegro SpeedHack 1999 contest, and while the game remained unfinished, it spawned a series of sorts, and the fourth instalment (not available for DOS) bringing the concept to full potential, as it is a feature-complete arcade platform game with a GameBoy-esque colour scheme.

Johan Pietz released Alex the Allegator as freeware along with the source code.

Description by MrFlibble

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