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Amazing Learning Games with Rayman

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Also known as: Rayman Junior (PSX European title), Rayman Brain Games (PSX North American title)
Developer: Ubi Soft Entertainment
Publisher: Ubi Soft Entertainment
More details:Official game website, MobyGames
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Knowledge is power - even for a superhero!

That's what kids will find as they take the role of Rayman, the lovable goofball who must read, count and spell as he battles his way through mind-bending landscapes on his way to rescue the Magic Book of Knowledge from the evil Mr. Dark.

Packed with all of the terrific graphics and sound effects from the original Rayman, this PC CD-ROM for children 6-9 marries the wacky worlds of the blockbuster action-adventure game with basic skills drills that are seamlessly woven into the gameplay.

Developed with the help of a panel of professional teachers and educators, the program is the first learning game where kids forget they're learning and not just playing!

Description by Ubi Soft Entertainment

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